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 Indianapolis Fencing Club
Supporting fencing in the greater Indianapolis area since 1978.

Longsword Seminar

When: November 10, 10 am – 2 pm

Where: Abundant Life Church Gym

The Indianapolis Fencing Club (IFC), as a member of the HEMA Alliance (Historical European Martial Arts -www.hemaalliance.com), is happy to announce our association with the Indy West HEMA club (www.indywesthema.com).

Tony Huffman, the Indy West HEMA coach and an enthusiast of Historical European Martial Arts, will be helping us form an IFC HEMA study group by leading a Longsword Seminar on Saturday November 10th  from 10 am – 2pm.

Participation fee: $25

You can register for the seminar by clicking HERE.

Please note: attendance will be limited to 20 participants (you must register to attend).  Minimum age for the seminar is 15 years.  The seminar fee can be paid via PayPal or by cash/check at the door.  A waiver will be required and must be signed by a parent or legal guardian if the participant is under 18 years of age.  You must bring a pair of protective gloves (see below for ordering options).

About IFC’s HEMA study group:

This first seminar will address the longsword.  In future sessions we will be studying other weapons such as:

  • Spear
  • Sword and buckler
  • Saber
  • Dagger
  • Shield and sword
  • Rapier

Here are few specifics from Coach Huffman:

How “we” think:

  • Context Context Context
  • The brutal, the friendly, the sport
  • Fight different against different opponents
  • Consider Armor
  • Contact is not the end
  • Brutal but not harmful
  • To help each other not just win


  • Safety, Strength, Accuracy
  • Your shield is your strength
  • Center line: keep it on target while winning it
  • Defend with your attack and attack with your defense

We highly encourage you to watch these videos before you attend.



Treatises for reference.





Protective glove options:

Lacrosse ($30):


Lacrosse ($89-$110):


You can register for the seminar by clicking HERE.

Upcoming Fencing Classes

To register for a class, go to indyfencing.net

Fencing 1 (beginning foil)

- March 2 Monon Community Center:
** 9:00 am, 18 years +
** 10:00 am, 8 years +

Fencing 2 (beginning epee)

- March 2 Monon Community Center:
** 11:00 am, 8 years +

Beginning Epee (NEW*, learn to fence using the epee)

- February 25 Abundant Life Church gym
** 6:00 pm, ages 9+ (youth and adult)

Note: All classes are 6 weeks long and all equipment is provided. Go to the Classes pull down menu for more information.
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