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 Indianapolis Fencing Club
Supporting fencing in the greater Indianapolis area since 1978.

Epee Ladder Rules

  1. Fencers on the ladder can challenge the person above them or the person two steps above them.
  2. Fencers can make a maximum of 1 challenge a week per weapon.
  3. Once challenged, the challenged fencer must defend their position within two weeks.  Otherwise they will forfeit the match and their position.
  4. Challenge bouts will be fenced like a fifteen touch Direct Elimination bout and will follow all the same rules (e.g. three periods of three minutes each with one minute breaks, etc.).  For foil, a mutually agreed upon club member will serve as director.  For épée, a director is optional, but if desired by the fencers, a mutually agreed upon club member will serve as director.
  5. If a fencer wins their challenge, then they move into the position of the fencer that they challenged.  If the new position is two steps higher, the challenged fencer and the intermediate fencer both go down one position on the ladder.  For example, the ladder looks like this:
    • Fred
    •  Mary
    • Chuck

If Mary challenges Fred and wins, the new ladder will look like this:

    • Mary
    • Fred
    • Chuck

If Chuck now challenges Mary and wins, the new ladder will look like this:

    • Chuck
    • Mary
    • Fred

If a fencer loses a challenge, he or she must wait at least a week before fencing a rematch (a challenge can be issued immediately but the bout will take place a minimum of one week after the initial bout).


Upcoming Fencing Classes

To register for a class, go to indyfencing.net

Fencing 1 (beginning foil)

- March 2 Monon Community Center:
** 9:00 am, 18 years +
** 10:00 am, 8 years +

Fencing 2 (beginning epee)

- March 2 Monon Community Center:
** 11:00 am, 8 years +

Beginning Epee (NEW*, learn to fence using the epee)

- February 25 Abundant Life Church gym
** 6:00 pm, ages 9+ (youth and adult)

Note: All classes are 6 weeks long and all equipment is provided. Go to the Classes pull down menu for more information.
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