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 Indianapolis Fencing Club
Supporting fencing in the greater Indianapolis area since 1978.

IFC Website Has Moved

Posted on February 4th, 2019 at 11:28 am, in Club News, Fencing Class News, Uncategorized

We have transitioned to a new and improved website for the club.  Our new URL is indyfencing.net.  It is a more modern site and will provide much improved performance, for both computers and mobile devices.

We have preloaded the basic information for all the members from the old website (“member” is defined as anyone with at least a Basic Membership, that is, everyone currently paying dues).  Only the actual members are loaded, parents are not.  If parents (or anyone else) want to follow the website, there is a place to subscribe for IFC news at the bottom of the page.  Parents can use their child’s log in to manage the account.

Below are instructions to follow in order to get yourself registered properly on the new site:

  1. Go to indyfencing.net.
  2. Enter your email address (the same email address you use on the old website).
  3. Click on “Request a password.”
  4. Retrieve the password from your email, enter it on the website, and log in.
  5. Complete all the requested profile information.  Make sure to accept the “Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement” and the “Photography Terms.”  Do not sign yourself up for any membership options, we will get that taken care of later.
  6. Please, determine if you want your profile and/or address to be public, and set your profile selections accordingly.
  7. If you want your profile to be public in the member’s directory, please make sure to load your best photo and add a nice short description in your “Business Cards” option.
  8. The new system will allow you to recommend IFC Coaches and other members as well, please be friendly!
  9. Enjoy the website!

The new site offers payment by credit card or cash/check for membership (instead of PayPal).  We will be transitioning to that new payment scheme soon, once we determine the best way to do it smoothly.

Please let us know if you have any problems registering, or if you have any questions or concerns


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