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 Indianapolis Fencing Club
Supporting fencing in the greater Indianapolis area since 1978.

Changes to IFC Membership Structure

Posted on December 21st, 2018 at 10:49 am, in Uncategorized

Last summer the Board of Directors asked the membership to provide input regarding the future direction of the club. This resulted in the following three goals for 2019:
1. Move into our own leased dedicated space

This would allow us to be open more days and to provide more options to fit everyone’s schedule (we cannot get more days from the Church). We would have a better (and cleaner) floor. The floor we have now is linoleum over concrete and is hard on feet and knees. We would have permanent marked strips that would not require set-up and tear-down every session. We could also have grounded strips.

2. Offer a more competitive program

In order to accomplish this, we need to offer our members more and better coaching, and more practice days. We also want to host more tournaments to provide additional opportunities for members to get competition experience.

3. Achieve improved competitive results in Local, Regional, and National Tournaments

This should follow from having a more competitive program.

In order to achieve these goals, the Board is making the following changes to the structure of the club, starting January 1, 2019.

The new tiered membership structure is as follows:

1. Basic Membership
2. Basic Membership Plus:

• Intermediate Epee Program
• Intermediate Foil Program
• Competitive Epee Program

3. Historical European Martial Arts Study Group
4. Individual Lessons

The new tiered dues structure will provide varying levels of service and training options for our members, based on their individual fencing goals. It provides services for casual recreational fencers to serious competitive fencers. Dues will be based on services desired, keeping Basic Membership very inexpensive. (Note: If we want to be able to afford a leased space, we need more revenue, either by more members or increasing dues. We have not raised dues or changed the structure in over 9 years. All the money we take in goes toward rent, equipment purchases, and other operating expenses. We are an all-volunteer club, with no employees, no one gets paid. We have benchmarked several successful fencing clubs for dues rates and structure. Example, the Louisville Fencing Center charges $600/year plus a $100 initiation fee just to be a member, member classes (1/week) are $100/month.)
The new membership tiers are described below:

1. Basic Membership :

• Designed for those members who want to fence for fun and are not interested in seriously competing, or do not need/want additional training. Basic Membership benefits include:

• Open fencing (currently Monday, Thursday, Saturday)
• Access to Individual lessons by IFC member coaches (additional cost)
• Price of Basic Membership = $19 per month (less than $5 per week – now the same price for students and adults)
• USAF membership required (non-competitive minimum)

2. Basic Membership Plus (add-on options):

• Intermediate Épée Program

• For members who want to improve their épée skills but are not interested in or are not ready for the Competitive Épée Program. Requires Basic Membership. It will be held on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. (Note: the club sent Coach Winget to the week-long US Fencing Coaches Association Fencing Academy last summer and this program is one of the outputs of what he learned.)

• Benefits include:

• Training Session (1.5 hours/week):
• Warm up and footwork/bladework drills
• 12 épée skills sets, rotating weekly, repeated 4 times per year
• Test available on each skill (practical and verbal)
• Situational bouting
• Conditioning Session (.5 hour/week)

• Incremental price $29 per month ($3.63/hour of instruction), total price $48 per month (less than $12 per week).

• Note: Many hours of thought and work have gone into creating the new Intermediate Épée Program, and it has been greatly improved over the old version (the new curriculum has been piloted over the last 4 months). Students may stay in the program for as long as they want and it will take several rounds to master all the skills. Each participant will receive a packet describing the 12 skill sets, which will include skill descriptions and test requirements. On mastery of all 12 skill tests, participants are eligible for consideration to join the Competitive Épée Program, upon the coach’s approval.

• Intermediate Foil Program

• For those members who want to improve their foil skills. Requires Basic Membership. It will be held on Monday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 pm.

• Benefits include:

• Same as the Intermediate Épée Program, but for foil.

• Incremental price $29 per month

• Competitive Épée Program

• Designed for serious competitive épéeists, who regularly compete, and who plan to compete at Regional and National levels. Requires Basic Membership. Prerequisites: Mastery of Intermediate Épée Skills and Coach’s approval. Must commit to a minimum of 2 Individual Lessons per month ($20 per lesson, priced separately).

• Benefits include:

• Competitive Training Session (1.5 hours/week)
• Warm up and footwork/bladework drills
• Advanced épée skills/tactics
• Situational bouting
• Low student to coach ratio (target = 6 students or less)
• Conditioning Session (.5 hour/week)

• Incremental price $59 per month ($7.38/hour of instruction). Total Price $78 per month ($18 per week), plus the cost of Individual Lessons.

3. Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) Study Group

• HEMA Membership may be standalone (i.e. Basic Membership is not required)
• HEMA Membership includes: HEMA study group on Saturday afternoons, 12-3
• Price of HEMA Membership = $16 per month (< $4 per week), walk-in price = $5 per session
• HEMA Alliance membership required

4. Individual Lessons

• Individual Lessons are the fastest way to improve your fencing skills and are encouraged for everyone. Individual Lessons are arranged between students and coaches. Each coach will publish a schedule of available times. Students may sign up with the coach of their choice and may change coaches at any time. You are encouraged to find the right fit!

• Coaching Staff:

• Daniel Anez – foil
• Jared Smith – foil, épée, saber
• Bill Winget – épée

• Lessons are typically about $20 for a 20-30 minute lesson.

We also discussed the need for volunteers to help with club tasks. We are an all-volunteer club so everything we do is by volunteers, including the coaching, laundry, equipment maintenance, etc. Dues discounts available for Volunteers, up to 100% off Basic Membership based on time committed. Some specific needs are listed below

• Volunteer Coordinator

• This person would help coordinate many of the volunteer activities of the club, including: salle set-up and tear-down; uniform laundry; carpooling to tournaments; organizing events (picnics, dinners, demonstrations); etc.

• Salle Supervision*

• These people would be responsible for opening, closing, monitoring for safety, etc. during club practice sessions.

• Armorer*

• This person would be responsible for keeping club equipment working and safe. They would also offer repairs for member’s equipment (may charge a fee for this service).

• Certified Referees*

• These volunteers would act at referees at IFC tournaments.

• Coaches (requires USAF Coach Membership)

• These volunteers will assist with coaching of the beginning classes and the intermediate epee/foil programs

Please contact me if you can help us out on any of the above.
Lastly, the club is offering Financial Aid for anyone with a legitimate financial need. We do not want to exclude anyone from the club for the inability to afford the dues. Contact me or a Board member if you would like to apply.

*Requires a minimum of USAF non-competitive membership with SafeSport Certification & Background Check.


Upcoming Fencing Classes

To register for a class, go to indyfencing.net

Fencing 1 (beginning foil)

- March 2 Monon Community Center:
** 9:00 am, 18 years +
** 10:00 am, 8 years +

Fencing 2 (beginning epee)

- March 2 Monon Community Center:
** 11:00 am, 8 years +

Beginning Epee (NEW*, learn to fence using the epee)

- February 25 Abundant Life Church gym
** 6:00 pm, ages 9+ (youth and adult)

Note: All classes are 6 weeks long and all equipment is provided. Go to the Classes pull down menu for more information.
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